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Roaming in Hokkaido (18+)

Xem Phim Phim Roaming in Hokkaido
Phim Roaming in Hokkaido
Xem phim Roaming in Hokkaido [vietsub] online - phim cấp 3 Nhật Bản
- Đạo diễn: Đang cập nhật
- Diễn viên:Roaming in Hokkaido – 艶恋師 北海道 放浪編
- Thể loại: Tâm lý
- Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật
- Quốc gia: Phim Nhật Bản
- Thời lượng: Đang cập nhật
- Năm phát hành: 2011

Nội dung phim:
YOU ARE WATCHING MOVIES: ROAMING IN HOKKAIDO – 艶恋師 北海道 放浪編ONLINESeeking the “woman of his dreams”, Kikunosuke visits Hokkaido and meets Masumi, the only daughter of the Zippi Ranch that raises great racing horses, Okamura, her grandfather, and Yamada, a stable hand who is secretly in love with Masumi. Zippi Ranch is targeted for acquisition by Sengoku Farms, which has constantly acquired small ranches. Naoto, the son of Sengoku, grew up with Masumi and raped her in the past. With the horrible experience, Masumi has become fastidious about sex. Began working at Zippi Ranch, Kikunosuke spends a night with a hostess, Ayumi, whom he met at a club Naoto owns. Sleeping with numerous customers to support the club, Ayumi has been sexually frigid, but Kikunosuke gives her an orgasm with his technique, Kinuta. The sex master, Kikunosuke, stands up to rescue a troubled woman mentally and physically.

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